July 19, 2018

Hello Sigrid,

I independently published Good Fortune December 2016 as an e-book with Draft2Digital and Amazon. By February 2017 I had published the paperback with Create Space. I’ve had a few sales but not many. I write fiction under the pen name of Helena Trooperman. I think of it as speculative fiction/near future fiction. As a newbie, I’ve struggled with categorizing it in Amazon particularly.

My Age of Unity Quartet is Good Fortune(144,716 words), Recognition, Nemesis, Sentinel.
My main character is Athena Cartwright, the timeline begins 2031 in a world not too different to now. Out of necessity, she’s invented a mobile that recharges and discovers a new power source that she expands on throughout the quartet.

I have a number of Red Flags:
1. I’ve declared it a futuristic technothriller. (Maybe it’s not?)
2. The story is cross-genre and I am finding it difficult to fit in with expectations.
3. I’ve received mixed reviews and not many. (Suggests the start is too slow.)

I’m at a point where I’m concerned to cut and spoil the story that builds throughout the book and I have to keep in mind that this book is setting the scene for the series. Ultimately, I’d like to have a chance to do a little marketing on this book before my next one comes out in October. You probably think I’m crazy – yes! But I’m a very committed, hardworking individual, and I’m not ready to give up!!

Do you have any availability to help me?
If you are interested can you give some clarity on costs and payment options (credit card etc.)?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

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