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Sigrid Macdonald has always been a voracious reader, and in addition to the books she edits, she reads seventy-five to 100 books a year for pleasure; in third grade, she took out books from the elementary school library to read for fun. Her favorite book was called The Trouble with Jenny’s Ear. The “trouble” was that Jenny could hear people’s thoughts! Sigrid liked the book so much that she wrote to the author, who responded within several months. She was thrilled and began to imagine herself writing novels.

In high school, Sigrid wrote an essay on the Icelandic sagas, which was published in Reykjavík. In her twenties, she was active in politics and began to write Letters to the Editor of the local paper, which had a wide circulation, along with op-ed pieces.

Sigrid has written two nonfiction books, which she self-published: Getting Hip: Recovery from a Total Hip Replacement and How to Be Your Own Editor. She also wrote two erotic short stories under the pseudonym Tiffanie Good, The Pink Triangle and April Returns, which were published by Silver Publishing.


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Sigrid has been a freelance writer and a social activist for years, working on the seemingly disparate issues of women’s rights and wrongful convictions. Her works have appeared in the Globe and Mail newspaper in Canada, the Women’s Freedom Network Newsletter, the American magazine Justice Denied, and the Toastmaster; the magazine for Toastmasters International that is distributed in eighty countries.

                                                                                  FINDING LISA

Finding Lisa is Sigrid’s first novel. Tara Richards is approaching forty. The thought fills her with dread. She is unhappy with her job as a rehabilitation nurse and disenchanted with her marriage, but she lacks the courage to make a significant life change. When her best friend, Lisa, disappears, Tara’s life is thrown into turmoil. Has Lisa jeopardized her sobriety by going on a drinking binge, or has she been harmed by her partner who has a history of battering? Lisa is her rock, her confidante, her reality check. Tara can’t live without her. Despite the near paralysis of bad hair days, Tara joins a massive search to look for her friend in conjunction with the police, her colorful women’s collective, and a twenty-four-year-old man whom Tara finds particularly captivating.

Finding Lisa explores diverse themes, such as missing women, domestic violence, female friendships, addiction, and midlife crisis. With pathos and humor, the story delves into the inner world of a quirky and likable Canadian woman whose life is about to be irrevocably changed by her best friend’s disappearance. Although Sigrid bears no resemblance to her character, the book is written in first person, and she has given Tara some of her own idiosyncrasies such as a neurotic fixation on her hair and having a name that nine out of ten people mispronounce.