As an indie-author with a number of publications to my name (two novels, three non-fiction books, and a number of short stories), I have reached out for professional editing many times. In the course of my ten years as a full-time writer, my choice of editor has repeatedly—and now exclusively—come down to Sigrid Macdonald and Book Magic. Not only has their work been excellent, the interest Sigrid and her associates have taken in my projects, and in me personally, is what sets them apart. Writing is a lonely enterprise. We indie authors are vulnerable to exploitation. Sigrid and her team make the editing stage a shared enterprise, among friends.

When I engaged Sigrid to review and, later, copy edit my autobiography about my doomed marriage to a deaf woman who had schizophrenia, published by Provenance Press as Love for a Deaf Rebel: Schizophrenia on Bowen Island, I was looking for more than a copy editor armed with a copy of Strunk and White. I was looking for someone to guide me through the delicate issues involved in unraveling and revealing two interlinked lives. It was my life and story to tell, but at the same time it was a mentally-ill woman’s life story to respect, with episodes and impacts she will never be able understand. Yet I wanted to tell her story so that others might learn from it. How could I record her shocking and tragic story with due respect for her privacy? Sigrid did not disappoint me with her thoughtful and insightful comments and suggestions. She was more than an editor. She was a partner and coach.

Derrick King, author of Love for a Deaf Rebel: Schizophrenia on Bowen Island

Rem Westland, author of Running for the People?, Badly Hidden and Nobody Cares

Sigrid was responsible for editing two books for me, and I am delighted with her work. She took one of my projects on short notice and, within a week, had me back on track and my timeline. Throughout both processes, Sigrid not only edited the manuscripts but advised me on my writing, storytelling and different tactics to gain readers. I also appreciate that she will give you a date when the manuscript will be back, and it is in your inbox.

Gib Parrell, Author of The Future The Past

It was an honour to work with Sigrid Macdonald on my book Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured. Ms. Macdonald is engaging and professional, and she provided me with the necessary feedback to ensure my book was a success! Ms. Macdonald was attentive to my needs, accommodated my busy schedule, and offered encouragement and guidance every step of the way. Having her involved in editing my book is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I highly recommend Sigrid Macdonald and will definitely retain her brilliant skills for my second novel. Thank you, Sigrid, for helping me to pursue my dream of becoming an author.

Susanne Bellefeuille, Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured


“Finding Sigrid was fantastic for me. I’m a first-time author and was very unsure of how best to proceed with the editing process. Sigrid was responsive, reliable, and very thorough. She was unendingly patient with me and overall just a pleasant person to deal with. I would highly recommend her, and I will definitely use her for my next novel as well.”

Lisa Brown
Author of The Porter’s Wife

“It’s a delight working with Sigrid Macdonald. She provided critiques and copy-editing services for three children’s books that I have written. Ms. Macdonald is thoughtful and objective. I appreciate her keen eye and her ability to ask good questions. I value her judgement and her insights and look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Mina Mauerstein-Bail,
Author of Max and Voltaire

“Sigrid copyedited The Spirit Path series that I had written, and thanks to her expertise and knowledge, I have signed a contract with a publishing house. Not only was she pleasant to work with, but she brought out the best in me and my writing skills. Thank you, Sigrid!”

Tammy Tate,
Author of The Spirit Path

“Sigrid was very helpful in the publication of my new title, The Story of Aqualead, in December 2013. I have worked with Sigrid on more than one occasion; she is professional, knowledgeable, conscientious, and pleasant to work with. Her work is fast and accurate, and her critique was helpful in elaborating my manuscript… She is a great guide in your work, whether you are a first-time author or an experienced one.”

Sabine Blais,
Author of The Story of Aqualead: A New Healing Energy for a New Earth

“Sigrid edited my four self-published books. I was so pleased after the first book that I continued to write three more books, and she took my versions of not writing with paragraphs, using all caps, and not using the proper tense, and made them into a book that people rave more about the editing than about my funny stories, all within my time frame to get to the publisher ahead of schedule. She consulted with me in order to make each story come to life as if she were experiencing it.”

Albert Zimbler,
Author of The Love Life of Howard Handsome and Other Short Stories

“Once you have spent months writing your book, you have a certain anxiety about letting it go. Choosing a copyeditor was somewhat challenging for me. I am so glad I chose Sigrid. I love that she responds to emails fast. She delivers on the agreed deadlines. She asks excellent questions and points out every possible way to make your copy more readable and fluent. What I enjoyed the most was the fact that she was very careful in maintaining ‘my voice.’ In a coaching book, where you are seeking to bond with your audience, this is of paramount importance. Although we live an ocean away, I look forward to continuing my working collaboration with Sigrid for years to come and would not hesitate to refer her to fiction or nonfiction authors alike.”

Ilaria Vilkelis, author of Your Happy Home Quest http://www.yourhappyhomequest.com/

“Contacting Sigrid was one of the best decisions that I have made. I was in the process of self-publishing my first book and facing a number of challenges. However, Sigrid made it all so much easier, outlining and simplifying all the steps that I would have to take and even guiding me to the best services that I would need to complete my book. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good editor!”

Wanyee Kinuthia, author of Accumulation by Dispossession by the Global Extractive Industry: The Case of Canada https://www.ruor.uottawa.ca/fr/handle/10393/30170

“I found Sigrid when I needed an editor for my debut novel. From inception, she was attentive to my needs, provided insightful critique, and gave timely feedback. On top of it, her work was professional, and I enjoyed working with her. I’ve no hesitation to recommend her.”

Chinenye Obiajulu, author of Canadian Immigrant http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/04/prweb11794234.htm

“Sigrid edited a novel for me, and she did an amazing job. I am very impressed with the job she did. She provided such great ideas and recommendations to make the project flourish. I am so thankful to have met her. She is highly recommended. ”

Leah Shay, author of Stern Desire http://andisbookreviews.blogspot.ca/2013/10/stern-desire-love-redeemed-by-leah-shay.html

“Sigrid edited an e-book I self-published recently. Honestly, she did a great job. Her constant guidance and professional editing provided indispensable assistance, which contributed in successfully shaping this ambitious project.”

Ahmed Elnakouri, author of Vision: An Inclusive Alternative to End the Arab-Israeli Conflict https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/aelnakouri

“As a published author, I realize the importance of a good edit. I hired Sigrid to look over a short story I’d written which I knew had potential but needed work in terms of the narrative structure, especially. She had excellent suggestions, and as a result, my story was much more effectively told.”

Dominique Millette http://www.dominiquemillette.com/

“I highly recommend Sigrid Macdonald as an editor. Whenever I worked with Sigrid, she was prompt, professional, and helpful. Her editing and critiques were easy to understand and work with.”

Iris Blobel, author of Journey to Her Dreams http://iris-b.blogspot.ca/

“My experience working with Sigrid was great. She did a fantastic job on my manuscript, which got me great reviews.”

Ernest Quansah, author of How to Identify Your Soulmate http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Ernest_Quansah