Proofreading & Copyediting Wizards

Welcome to Book Magic where we take your manuscript, wave our wizard wands, and transform your raw and even undeveloped material into a polished, professional, and publishable book. Our copyediting and proofreading services allow you to sign on for a critique, which assesses everything from character development and background setting to readability and plot resolution, or to simply purchase one of our copyediting packages, which will ensure that your work is grammatically correct and free of pesky typos and spelling errors.  After we are finished, you will reread your material and say, “Wow! Did I really write that? It sounds great!”

At Book Magic, we have more than twenty years’ experience proofreading and copyediting short stories, resumes, book proposals, query letters, and full-length fiction and nonfiction books.  We also provide manuscript evaluations and self-publishing advice.  We work with authors all over the world and a number of our manuscripts have been accepted by traditional publishers. Many of our authors have chosen to self-publish, and we help them every step of the way by connecting them with the best formatting and cover art experts who know all about print books and electronic medium so that your book will be available on Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble and a wide variety of online stores.

Since our business is international, we copyedit books using American English, Canadian English, British English and Australian English. Sigrid Macdonald, the owner and CEO, grew up in New Jersey, so American English is her default language, but she has spent two decades in Canada and is equally familiar with all the little nuances in Canadian spelling that make it different from American. Also, Sigrid has extensive experience working with clients who have English as a second language. These writers tend to make particular mistakes with prepositions and verb tenses.

We are also friendly and approachable. Sigrid and her team are not only professional editors but many are authors. Sigrid has written three books and two short stories, along with numerous articles that have been published in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper; the well-renowned American magazine, Justice Denied; and the Women’s Freedom Network Newsletter based in Washington, DC. As writers, we know how nerve-racking it can be to hand your embryonic hard work over to a stranger. Will that person be constructively critical? Will they understand your message? Will they make time for you? Yes, yes, yes! Here at Book Magic, you are not a number. You are another person just like us —  a writer with dreams, creativity, and a vision. Maybe you’re sensitive; you want feedback, but you don’t want anyone to hurt your feelings or tell you that your work is no good. Or you could be picky; you want input, but you need to have complete control over your manuscript. You’ll have that here.

First, our sole objective when we evaluate manuscripts is to provide feedback that is helpful to you. We are tactful, but we are honest because we want your book to be as good as it possibly can be. Second, we do everything using Microsoft Word’s tracking feature, so you can accept or reject any of our suggestions. You have complete control. Third, we go out of our way not to change your voice. We are here to transform your work into something better, not to make it unrecognizable. So say abracadabra and sign on with Book Magic for copyediting and proofreading services, manuscript evaluations,  and self-publishing advice.